12.1 inch slim EeePC/UMPC laptop N95

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Memory: 1GB DDR2


1 CPU: INTEL ATOM N270 Atom dual-core 1.6 GHz 2:HDD: 160G SATA 3 operating system: Windows XP 4 screen: 12.1 "TFT LED backlighting widescreen display 5 resolution: 1024 x 768 6 GM950 graphics card: INTEL images 7. Memory: 1GB DDR2 8. Built-in WIFI 802.11 wireless Internet (b/g), 9:1.3-megapixel camera 10. Size: 302*215*25mm 11. weight: 1.2 kg (contain batteries) 12.cd-rom: external 13.1/0 interface: two USB 2.0 interface, a DC jack, 1 IN the Internet, RJ45 jack headphone socket 14 power systems: built-in lithium ion battery, use the time about 2.5 hours (10.8 V/30W has) 15 power adapter: input/50-100-240V 60MHZ 1.7 A 19V output power: 3.5 A 65W 16.Accessories: power adapter,manual, drive CD