Solar bag JXB06

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Solar bag


This product is a high-performance photoelectric conversion products, can be sufficient in nature for people to solar energy conversion of electrical energy necessary for life, a pioneer of green energy. 1, Product characteristics: ① high conversion rate: up to 15 % of the photoelectric conversion rate. ② Long service life, the use of high-performance polycrystalline silicon solar panels. ③ simple. The solar panel under direct sunlight, the direct to digital products (such as mobile phones) emergency power supply. ④ easy to carry: the product design can be placed on a mobile phone or digital camera, solar charger bag. 2, product specifications: ① Power: 0.5W ② Output voltage: 5.5V ③ built-in battery: 1000MAH ④ Output Current: 500 mA ⑤ size: 13.6*8.5*4.2cm 3, product advantages: ① The product is a business travel, tourism, mountain climbing, camping the best choice. ② the stronger the sun, the greater the charge current. 4, the application of products: A variety of mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and other digital products.